Unlike everyone else in the camp, he didn't pretend to be the strongest or the fastest. He just wanted to be a hero.
Another dead kid. My friend. I hope those nigger bastards are happy. If this war doesn't end soon, I will.

Tim Hicks was a private in the MCP. He joined in 71 SIT when he was 17, but faked his ID and pretended to be 18. While in training, during a visit by Brick Harper, he was selected by him to be trained personally.


  • Name: Hicks, Timothy Johnathan
  • Status: Deceased
  • Cause of death: Auto crash
  • Born: 2 May, 54 SIT
  • Died: 28 November, 74 SIT
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Build: Light
  • Height: 5'8" (1.75 meters)
  • Occupations: MCP Private
  • Children: None
  • Vehicle of choice: Dark red AMC Eagle SX/4

Early Life

Hicks was born in West Side in 54 SIT to somewhat wealthy parents. He was raised in private schools, but always was looking for a sense of adventure in his life.

When he was 12, in 66 SIT, he learned of the just-founded Main Chat Patrol. It became his life's dream to join when he was old enough.

The War

When he turned 17 in 71 SIT, he bought a fake driver's license and faked his parents' signatures to appear to be 18 to join the MCP. He got away with it and went on to boot camp.

However, he was short with a light build and often did not pass training routines as well as other cadets, if at all. On a visit to MCP camps around the UIA, Brick Harper noticed him and selected him to train under his personal guidance.

Harper became a mentor to Hicks, and didn't want him to rush into the fray so eagerly. In 73 SIT, Harper gave Hicks 4500 SIC for a car to distract him. Using this money, Hicks bought a dark red AMC Eagle SX/4. However, it only made Hicks want to participate in car chases and the like, and he secretly equipped it with an MCP siren, which Harper did not know about until after the car chase in East Side.


On 28 November, 74 SIT, Hicks was called into a pursuit in South Side involving a busted drug deal. Hicks was driving a 1970 Camaro from a friend who worked for the MCHiPs. During the chase, one of the passengers in the suspects' car took out a Micro Uzi and opened fire on Hick's Camaro.

Hicks attempted to reach for the Python on the passenger seat, but was shot twice in the face before he could defend himself, killing him instantly. His car crashed into a taxi, but both the driver and passenger were unharmed aside from a bruise on the driver's left arm. Both walked away.

The suspects were later PITted and arrested. All three turned out to be known members of the South Side Brothers gang. The driver and passenger were sentenced to 40 and 30 years in prison without parole respectively. The shooter was sentenced to life without parole.

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