The T2, or Sentinel as I like to call it, is different from all the T1s. He can lift up to 5000 pounds and weighs 4000 pounds. He stands at 8 feet tall, and his red eyes can see farther than a T1 and in better quality. He can also see in infrared and ultraviolet. He has rockets in his feet so he can fly like a superhero. But what sets him apart from, say, Titanius, is that he will kill anyone he is told to. He has no remorse. No regret. No sympathy. He is a walking killing machine. The only person he can't kill is me. Unless, of course, I myself told him to.

The T2 Platform of robots of the Main Chat Patrol, commonly known as the Sentinels, are the elite design of the Main Chat Patrol, and make up the MCP Special Protection Forces. They are deployed on special missions, especially to protect Brick Harper.


  • Name: T2 Platform "Sentinel"
  • Status: In service
  • Start of production: 6 August, 73 SIT
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Eye color: Red LED
  • Race: N/A
  • Build: Heavy
  • Height 8' (2.4 meters)
  • Occupations: MCP SPF
  • Children: N/A
  • Vehicle of choice: N/A


Brick Harper describes Sentinels as lacking any sort of moral qualms about killing or hurting anyone they are commanded to. This is apparently true, as they have killed a great many unarmed people, be they VSTF soldiers or common street thugs.

When in battle, they will project anti-communist propaganda while fighting, although they are rarely deployed into combat situations, and are used mostly for defense of high ranking MCP officials.


  • "Wikian communists detected. Surrender or you will be destroyed."
  • "The UIA will not falter. Lay down your weapons. Resistance is a useless endeavor."
  • "Democracy will always trump communism. Good will always trump evil."
  • "Communism killed Carson Harper. Communism threatens UIA man, woman, and child."
  • "Wikia and InnovationTech are your oppressors. The Main Chat Patrol and the Internet Defense Force are your liberators."
  • "Communism is a scourge upon the Internet."
  • "Democracy is freedom. Communism is enslavement."
  • "Assessing location: UIA. Birthplace of Internet democracy."
  • "Assessing location: Communist Wikia. Eradicate all UIA opposition."
  • "Assessing location: New Wikian Republic. Watch for possible communist remnants."
  • "Respect fallen soldiers. They died to halt communist invasion."
  • "Surrender while there is a chance to be pardoned for your crimes against the UIA."
  • "Assessing weapons: Main Chat Patrol manufactured M60 machine gun. Reliable UIA quality."
  • "Assessing weapons: Communist RPD machine gun. Turn their own weapons against them."
  • "Assessing weapons: MG42 machine gun. The mere sound will break any will to fight."

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