The T1 Platform is the standard model of robot used by the [[Main Chat Patrol]. It is relatively cheap to make, and can resist damage including gunshots of small caliber.


  • Name: T1 Platform
  • Status: Retired in 114 SIT
  • Start of production: 29 October, 65 SIT
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Eye color: Light blue LED
  • Race: N/A
  • Build: N/A
  • Height: 6' (1.8 meters)
  • Occupations: MCP
  • Children: N/A
  • Vehicle of choice: Any MCP/commandeered civilian vehicle


The T1's "clothes" are mainly for visual appeal, and are made from stainless steel. Fake rivets are also inserted on the outside layer of clothing, which are welded body panels, which, in turn, are welded to the base.

The T1 has a navy blue PASGT-style helmet and non-removable orange framed motorcycle goggles strapped on.

Its torso carries the famous leather jacket of the MCP, with the gray section of the body panel underneath (The "zipper" is about 3 inches from being all the way pulled up.) that is painted gray, as an undershirt.

The legs and feet are simply painted black, although the feet are shaped to imitate the look of combat boots.

The eyes and mouth are both light blue LED displays. The mouth acts as an equalizer to indicate volume. The eyes have a small amount of movement on both the upper and lower halves to emulate the placement of human eyebrows. A slanted top half can mean either anger or fear depending on which direction is slanted, and a raised lower half can mean happiness or joy.


The memory of any T1 is never erased, so units can develop their own personalities based on common situations they find themselves in. As such, personalities stay within the borders of each unit's assigned job. (i.e. Tank operators would not have the same personality as beat patrol units.)

Below is each most common personality for each field in the MCP:

  • Foot patrol: Ambitious to get promoted and often cocky.
  • Vehicle patrol: Aggressive and reckless, especially when driving.
  • Tank crew: Indignant and scruffy, mostly because of the cramped and hot conditions inside a tank.
  • Infantry: Alert and commanding of those that serve under them.
  • Pilots: Elite and down to earth.
  • Intelligence: Innocent and quiet.


Voices of the T1 units are mostly the same: A robotic voice in a male voice with a slight vocoder effect. However, they can be changed through a computer.

T1s are also useful for singing, as their voices can easily be changed to produce sounds near identical to the original singer of a certain song. This was taken advantage of in the Home on the Front entertainment show in the War on Wikia.

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