South Side is an area of the map in chat. It is a lower class neighborhood and has many gang members walking its streets. It is second to North Side for the most trolley lines in any area of the map, despite being the third smallest area, behind The Sandbox and the Wikian Cliffs. South Side is also home to the Main Chat Patrol Executive Building, which is the largest structure in the area.


Welcome to paradise. If you're not black and/or wearing white and green or yellow and black, you'd better watch yourself, because the South Side Brothas and Orgullo Lado Sur rule these streets, despite the fact that MCP's home base is also in the same area."

Gang Territory

South Side only has two gangs: The South Side Brothas, a mostly black gang, which rules most of the territory, and El Orgullo Lado Sur (The South Side Pride), a mostly Mexican gang, which rules the territory of South Side to the northeast.

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