Shotguns offer limb shredding damage at close range, but lose their power quickly out to a distance due to the spreading pellets. They almost always have a pumping or other cocking animation between shots, so stay away from very large groups.

In Chat

Class description: Shotguns can really blow away the competition. Ha, just kidding. Seriously though, you'll be really good at close range with a trusty shotgun. But stay away from large groups. In fact, I came up with a cool rhyme on how to use shotguns: "Less than four, shoot some more. Four or more, not my war." Fresh rhymes.

The following shotguns appear in Chat:

  • M1887 (MCHiPs standard issue)
    • Fun fact: The guys at Winchester only made this gun lever action because it would be sticking to the company's image of making lever action rifles, thus inadvertently creating many a reference in video games to science fiction action films. Such as this one!
  • Remington 870 (LMBW)
    • A famously reliable pump shotgun that Remington didn't renew the patent on, but the world would still be filled with cheap Chinese copies anyway, so it's just less paperwork when you think about it.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun (MCHiPs)
    • A simple and rugged two-shot shotgun. Farmer, redneck, cowboy, it fits it all.
  • AA12
    • A fully automatic drum mag fed shotgun that includes mechanics to reduce 90% of the recoil that would otherwise be felt in another 12 gauge shotgun, but still with twice the fire rate of a semi auto. Aaaaand no military is interested.
  • Sawed Off Shotgun
    • The cornerstone of any post apocalyptic survivor story.
  • SPAS-12
    • An insanely scary looking semi automatic shotgun. It even comes with a hook at the end of the stock to put under your upper arm so you can fire it one handed, even from a vehicle! Just make sure if said vehicle has a stick, that you want to stay in that gear for a long period of time.
  • Armsel Striker
    • Illegal in the UIA unless you bring President Darrah some cocaine. At least for the MCP.
  • Anchorage RCS
    • With a drum magazine for more ammo and fully automatic firing ability, this gun is ready for anything.
  • Alien Deatomizer
    • Preferred by the more heavily armed Visitors, this energy weapon fires a powerful "slug" dealing damage that makes other shotguns look like water guns. And the energy capacity is something out of an assault rifle.

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