Revolvers offer high damage up to a decent range, but with a low magazine capacity and a slow reload time. It is highly suggested that you fire more than once only after the recoil has stopped due to the immense power the magnum rounds they fire pack.

In Chat

Class description: Whether you're a cowboy in the 1860s, a French mercenary in the 1960s, or a weird time traveler/future person from the 2060s, a revolver won't let you down in a pinch.

The following revolvers make an appearance in game:

  • Raging Bull
    • Revolver that is on par with the Desert Eagle in terms of damage.
  • Python (MCHiPs)
    • Gentlemen?
  • Colt Detective Special
    • Easily concealed in an inside suit pocket for a fast draw that will surprise your enemy.
  • Colt 1851 Navy (Harper) (Mjrlao)
    • It takes a while to load and fire, but it packs an insane punch.
  • .44 Magnum
    • Feel lucky, punk?
  • Colt Single Action Army Cavalry
    • With a long barrel and custom chrome finish, it may not be as powerful as the 1851 Navy, but it does get accurate at range. In steady hands, that is.
  • Colt Trooper Mk. III
    • The poor man's Python. Used by cops back when people laughed at the idea of more than 6 rounds of something not .357 in a gun.

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