You backstabbing son of a-bitch!

Ray Katchatori, also known as Ray-Kay 47 or The Katch, is a known defector of InnovationTech and personal friend of Mad Kat


  • Name: Katchatori, Ray Leroy
  • Status: Alive
  • Born: 12 October, 46 SIT
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Green
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Build: Medium
  • Height: 6' (1.8 meters)
  • Occupations: IT Mercenary, IDF Captain
  • Children: None
  • Vehicle of choice: Silver Chevy Suburban

Early Life

Not much is known about Katchatori besides the fact that he was born into a wealthy family living in West Beach. As a teenager in high school he met Kat and the two became friends. Katchatori went into the ranks of the IT mercenaries with the intention of giving the IDF, and later the MCP, information.

The Infiltration

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In 74 SIT, after months of not talking due to Katchatori's new job, he approaches Kat, Harper, and Tennant, supposedly with the intentions of bringing them into the IT ranks under the protection of a band of soldiers Katchatori knew were loyal to the UIA cause.

Unfortunately, the supposed meeting with these soldiers turns out to be a plot to turn Harper, Tennant, and Kat over to Larry Page, the CEO of InnovationTech, who in turn would possibly turn them over to the Wikians. Harper attempted to shoot Page with his Colt SCAMP, but Page used an electomagnetic device to deflect the bullets; technology that would later be used in the Sentinels.

As Harper, Kat, and Tennant were escorted to the main IT base, Katchatori and his men arrived and disarmed all of the IT guards and freed all three of their allies. Katchatori then left the three to escape on their own. Unfortunately, they were all captured by InnovationTech and Wikian troops.


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After their capture, Tennant, Kat, and Harper were placed in handcuffs and boarded onto a Hydro in The Sandbox.

However, it was known to all three that Katchatori was disguised as an IT mercenary aboard the same craft in order to help them escape once again. Also undercover, disguised as a Wikian soldier was Tim Hicks, on another Hydro. When the three gave the signal to their allies, Katchatori drew his SS12 Impaler, while Hicks threw Harper his M16.

Teff Mjrlao jumped onto the other Hydro and attempted to kill Tennant. However, Tennant swung around and hit Mjrlao in the head with the stock of his captured Calico M100, knocking him off the platform and into the quicksand, where the drowned.

After killing all of the enemies, the five friends regrouped and went back to friendly territory.


After the war, Katchatori stays in the IDF. He can be seen present at the funerals of Harper, Kat, and Tennant. Katchatori retired from the IDF in 82 SIT at the age of 36. He settled down in East Side and married the nurse whom he met while recovering in the hospital. He died in 136 SIT of natural causes.

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