The RPD is a machine gun in Chat. It is used by MCP Special Protection Forces and VSTF forces.

In real life, the RPD is a machine gun invented in 1945 that saw very limited service in World War II. It fires the same 7.62x39mm round as the AK47 and AKM. However, its drum-like magazine, which housed the belt of ammunition that could hold up to 100 rounds, proved unreliable in dirty conditions, and was replaced by the RPK, which was based off the near indestructible design of the AK type rifles. The weapon is still used by many poorer and/or former Soviet Bloc countries such as North Korea, China, Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Syria, and Vietnam.

In Game

Description: This weapon is basically an AK74 on steroids. High damage becomes higher, but high recoil becomes higher as well.

Stats (Out of 10):

  • Damage: 8/10
  • Range: 7/10
  • Rate of Fire: 6/10
  • Magazine Capacity: 9.5/10 (100 rounds)
  • Accuracy: 6/10
  • Reload speed: 5/10


  • To buy: 7500 SIC
  • x100 rounds: 5000 SIC

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