Pistols are a common type of weapon class in Chat. They are often dropped by pilots, police, and some types of civilians. They are typically low powered with low range and average rate of semi automatic fire, but can function well as a close quarters or backup weapon.

In Game

Class description: Pistols are typically cap guns compared to other weapons, but if you use them in close combat or as a panic gun when your primary weapon needs a reload or something, and you are being attacked at the same time, you should be OK.

The following pistols are in the game:

  • Colt 1911
    • Used for over 70 years by the US military and still used by civilians, other armies and police agencies all around the globe. This is a pistol that will never fail.
  • Desert Eagle (Harper)
    • An insane pistol using .50 AE rounds. Be sure you know how to handle recoil before using.
  • Luger (Rhea)
    • The king of German handguns and also a symbol of VSTF General Rhea.
  • Five-seveN (IT)
    • Belgian pistol with specially designed rounds for better penetration.
  • 92FS (IDF)
    • Loved by cops and movie directors.
  • S&W 659 (MCP Contractors)
    • A cool looking yet rugged pistol for professionals only.
  • Glock 17
    • Lightweight, reliable, and with a large magazine. What's not to like? And yet some don't like it. Shame.
  • FN Hi-Power (VSTF Classic)
    • Like the look of a 1911, but want to trade capacity for stopping power? This is the gun for you.
  • Walther P99 (IDF) (FSF)
    • A modern all around handgun from the company that brought us the PPK and P38.
  • Walther PPK
    • Suppressor optional.
  • Mauser C96 (VSTF Classic)
    • An old school semi auto that still does its job.
  • Ruger Mark II
    • 23 year production run. One of the most popular pistols in America. Designed for anything but combat.
  • Anchorage 99
    • Firing the uncommon 10mm round, this pistol is built so strong that it could survive a nuclear holocaust.
  • Walther P38
    • Great for pointing at peoples' testacles.
  • Alien Blaster
    • A favorite of Visitors. Relatively small, but with great power and huge charge capacity.