Oliver is the name of Brick Harper's famous blue 1970 Plymouth Superbird. It is his favorite car and is equipped with many custom modifications for extra speed, safety, and versatility.

List of Mods

Harper has installed the following features on Oliver:

  • Bulletproof body panels, glass, rims, gas tank, and tires
  • Self inflating tires
  • Self-driving and remote control via smartphone capabilities
  • Custom built 6 speed manual transmission and gear lever
  • Improved front and rear ceramic disk brakes
  • Power windows and locks
  • Electrically operated front row seat adjusting
  • Custom chrome tipped exhausts
  • Automatic headlights
  • Standard MCP siren kit
  • Magnetic red emergency roof light in glove box
  • Modern shoulder and lap seatbelts for all seats; front and rear
  • Custom black leather interior with blue stitching
  • Straight pipe exhaust system for increased noise and airflow.
  • Driver and passenger airbags
  • Hot and cold air conditioning
  • Supercharged Chevy Big Block 7.4L 454 V8


  • The name "Oliver" is a reference to Top Gear, in which Richard Hammond names his Opel Kadett "Oliver" but sinks it in a body of water in the Africa Special.
  • Brick is known to name many things of his "Oliver", including guns, this car, and his phone. This likely explains why Brick's son is named Oliver. Even though Brick was dead by his birth, most people seemed to have caught on to Brick's taste in names.
  • The remote control via phone is a reference to a scene in the Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies", in which Bond drives his BMW from the back seat via a touch pad and screen.

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