The Navolskei Reprado Nevlask Skimek (National Republic Navy Service), more commonly known as the NRNS, is the naval branch of the VSTF of Wikia. They played a key role in the War on Wikia and secured several victories for the Wikia-IT alliance.

While relatively small sompared to large navies such as the IDF Navy, most of its ships are very large and pack quite a punch. For example, only one of the submarines in current service, the NRNS Estalev, is not nuclear.


NRNS sailors wear dark blue short sleeve button up shirts, white neckerchiefs, dark blue shorts, white gloves, and black boots. They may wear classic white sailor hats, or a standard modern white VSTF helmet if operating a machine gun, AA gun, or cannon. Sailors may also wear night vision goggles with green lenses and two different magnification levels, with the magnifiers not in use on the left or right of the left and right in-use magnification respectively.

High ranking NRNS troops will wear a white short sleeve button up shirt, black tie, dark blue peaked cap, dark blue dress pants, gold epaulettes, white gloves, black dress shoes, and a gold aiguillette.


The ranks of NRNS enlistees are as follows from lowest to highest.

  • Seaman
  • Sailor
  • Officer
  • Warrent Officer
  • Ensign
  • Lieutenant
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Vice Admiral
  • Admiral

List of Ships

The following are the ships and submarines in service with the NRNS.

  • NRNS Strachoyskeo (Cruise Missile Sub)
  • NRNS Erahev (Cruiser)
  • NRNS Rhea (Aircraft Carrier)
  • NRNS Sannse (Battleship)
  • NRNS Rappy (Attack Sub)
  • NRNS Estalev (Ballistic Missile Sub)
  • NRNS Lovecro (Battleship)
  • NRNS Jevka (Aircraft Carrier)
  • NRNS Freyuova (Attack Sub)
  • NRNS Paleiwa (Battleship)
  • NRNS Selekto (Cruiser)
  • NRNS Ioeravkl (Amphibious Assault Ship)
  • NRNS Xlevkave (Attack Submarine)
  • NRNS Stratoska (Cruiser)

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