The Nehravzei ko Oplazak Gioezvka a Illovziua (Office of Special Affairs and Espionage), also known as the NOGI, is a Wikian government agency whose main goal is to find and punish traitors to Wikian government objectives. They are commanded by Director Timoskei Quievryn.


The NOGI was founded straight after Wikia was made an official state. They executed Brick's granfather for treason against the wikian state. During the War on Wikia, the NOGI conducted several undercover operations in UIA territory. Often times agents acted as new recruits for the IDF and sometimes MCP (Although without much success from the latter.)

While the NOGI had several agents inside UIA militaries and government, it was simply not enough for Wikia to ever get an upper hand in the war. Funding was generally average at best as the government relied mostly on direct combat in the VSTF. The agency was mainly designed with peacetime operation in mind so as to keep an eye on civilians, not enemy government officials, although a handful of agents were known to have been pretending to be working for the UIA.

During the war, a double agent working for the CIB known simply as Mr. Stratoska obtained many secrets and vital information of the NOGI, even exposing a plot to perform a coup d'etat against the Wikian government after a Wikian victory.

NOGI fell with Wikia at the end of the war, although equipment like vehicles, uniforms, and weapons fell into the hands of civilian and shops around the Internet.


Standard uniform consisted of a white dress shirt, black dress shoes, black socks, dark blue slacks, a dark blue suit jacket, and a dark blue tie. Often worn by agents were a pair of black sunglasses, although this was not standard issue; it was merely for indimidation and propaganda purposes. This gave NOGI agents the nickname "Wikinators", referencing the Terminator movies, in which the title character often wore sunglasses.


The NOGI mainly used sporty or luxury 1970s-1980s vehicles, as they fit the budget of the office, have decent power, and often can seat four or more people. Like their uniforms, NOGI vehicles are painted in dark Wikian blue, and often come with a magnetic roof light for use in emergencies.

  • 1988 Mercedes 420SEL
  • 1975 Audi 100 Coupe
  • 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark V
  • 1985 Dodge Diplomat


The NOGI tends to use concealable weapons that can be easily transported, but that offer good rate of fire and/or power in a small package. However, they have been known to use larger weapons in high risk situations.

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