Mr. Stratoska is a CIB agent who infiltrated the NOGI during the War on Wikia. He was never captured, although after the war, he disappeared and no longer has contact with anyone he had during the war.


  • Name: Unknown (Codename: Mr. Stratoska)
  • Status: Unknown (Presumed alive)
  • Born: Unknown (Age during the War on Wikia was mid-late 30s)
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Build: Medium
  • Height: 6'1" (1.8 meters)
  • Occupations: CIB agent
  • Children: Unknown
  • Vehicle of choice: Navy NOGI Dodge Diplomat

Early Life

Nothing is known about Mr. Stratoska's life before the CIB. After becoming a double agent, all of his records, including his birth certificate, were destroyed by the CIB.

As a Double Agent

It is not known when Mr. Stratoska joined the CIB, nor is it known when he infiltrated the NOGI.

People not high ranking CIB officials only communicated to Mr. Stratoska through telephone, or through a special room in the CIB headquarters which had a one way mirror and a speaker, where the agent would sit on the transparent side and the visitor on the mirrored side, which was always lit with bright lights to increase reflectivity over transparency.

After the War

After the UIA and MCP victory, Mr. Stratoska disappeared. However, after Brick Harper's recovery from an assassinagion attempt at the hospital, Mr. Stratoska visited him in person. At first, Harper didn't know who he was, but he then revealed himself to indeed be "Stratoska". He asked Harper what he would do. Harper told him he'd disappear so he could live without problems from then on. Mr. Stratoska then left and said, "So will I."

At "Harper's" funeral, Harper was watching from a distance. Mr. Stratoska then walked up behind him and asked him if what he think what he did was right. Harper then said to him, "If it wasn't... It's the choice I'll have to live with."


  • The name "Stratoska" is the equivalent of the English names "Johnson" or "Smith" when it comes to prevalence in Wikia, so to give him a more anonymous name, even when working inside the NOGI.

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