The Minigun is a weapon in Chat in the Specials class of weapons. It has the highest rate of fire for any weapon in game, at 4000 rounds per minute. It is not used by NPCs, but is mounted on Hueys on either of the side doors for people to fire.

In real life, a "minigun" is a generic name for any multi barrelled Gatling-style weapon with an extremely high rate of fire. The M134 Minigun pictured in game fires the 7.62x51mm NATO, which is used in battle rifles such as the G3 and SCAR-H.

Most miniguns can reach fire rates of up to 6000 rounds per minute. They are often mounted on turrets or aircraft because of their weight, and that they require an outside power source to spin the electric barrels. However, in some movies in video games, they are pictured as being able to be handheld by one person.

In Game

Description: This symbol of America and freedom can fire off powerful rounds at up to 4000 democracies per minute.

Stats (Out of 10):

  • Damage: 9/10
  • Range: 8/10
  • Rate of fire: 10/10
  • Accuracy: 7/10
  • Magazine size: 10/10 (500 rounds)
  • Reload speed: 6/10


  • To buy: 50000 SIC
  • x250 rounds: 4000 SIC