The Memorial for the Lost Souls of the MCP, commonly known as the MCP Memorial, is a graveyard erected after the War on Wikia.

It houses over 500,000 bodies of the dead MCP soldiers, all of them human, not artificial.

Graves are ordered by alphabetical order by last name from left to right by row, then up to down by column. The first listed soldier is Johnny Aaron, and the last listed soldier is Quentin Zarelli.

However, less than 200,000 soldiers rest in marked graves. Most soldiers there could not be identified due to severe wounds, had nobody verify their name, or not buried at all due to the body not being found in the first place. Most unknown soldiers resting in graves have their headstones marked, "Their name matters not; for their sense of duty came first.", "His name was forgotten, but his selflessness was not.", or, "Remember him for not who he was, but what he stood for." The famous "Known but to God" phrase was not put on graves because of several reasons listed by Brick Harper earlier in his life. (Note: The MCP Memorial was erected after his death, although planning begun right at the war's end.)

  • 1. Religion did not cause this war, nor did it end it.
  • 2. The church's job is to teach, not preach. (Soon, the phrase, "Teach, not preach." was commonly used by supporters of separation of church and state.)
  • 3. Many soldiers would be unhappy with their headstone bearing anything to do with religion.

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