Brick Harper is a very outspoken person with extreme political, religious, and moral beliefs. He is very hesitant to talk to anyone who differs in beliefs about his views.


  • "Trusting the poor to lead a country is like trusting a 10 year old to teach you about sex."
  • "Communism is bad in two ways: The guys who slack the fuck off all day get their share and the guys who work their ass of don't get any compensation; not even a pat on the back or a thumbs up."
  • "Saying you shouldn't invade another country to save people who are in trouble because it's not our war is like saying you shouldn't stop a bully from giving a kid a wedgie because it's not your issue."
  • "When's the last time a gun free zone stopped a shooting?"
  • "If you ask me, teachers should have MP5s under their desks. Imagine some psycho fucker walking down the hall and then getting gunned down by old Mrs. Johnson. That'd be pretty badass."
  • "There's a fine line between being strongly tied to your country and your leader and authoritarianism."
  • "What do you think the Founding Fathers were thinking if they put the right to own guns after the right to say whatever they want? Hint: It's so the government would stay the fuck out of people's rights."


  • "Religion holds us back as a species. Look at the Middle East. What's driving them to kill people? God. What's driving parents to want to teach creationism instead of science in school? God. What's the reason gay people can't get married in a lot of places? FUCKING GOD."
  • "If you think the Bible is a good source of moral shit, take a look at Leviticus."
  • "The reason I'm an atheist is because I have read the Bible, not because I haven't. The reason some people are Christians is because they haven't."
  • "I don't have a favorite religion. They all suck dick equally."
  • "I don't have faith in the MCP when I say they will win, because the word faith means belief without evidence. I have evidence the MCP is good at what they do.


  • "It's not racist for a white cop to kill a black criminal. But you should kill yourself if you forget that the guy who was killed was a criminal and instead focus on the color of their skin. Isn't that what you guys want people NOT to do?"
  • "If you call me cracker, I'll call you nigger, beaner, chink, whatever you are. Get used to it."
  • "Everyone has the right to say whatever they want. So stop saying only black people can say nigger, or only Mexicans can say beaner. Insult people however you like."


  • "God has nothing to do with morals. If you suddenly realized God was no longer real, would you go out and murder a thousand people?"