Despite having extremely low range, melee weapons can be very powerful and some deliver the goriest kills in the game.


Class description: Go medieval on your enemy's ass with melee weapons. Feel free to bring a knife to a gun fight here, because it's not real life. Hm, such an interesting concept... What if life is a video game? I'd give it a 4/10. Sure it has good graphics, but the story sucks, the tutorial is boring and lasts until level 18, and it's the most pay2win thing ever.

The following melee weapons appear in Chat:

  • Crowbar
    • Despite its original design of being able to act as a fulcrum, it is and will always look shady.
  • Katana
    • Behead your enemies with honor.
  • Axe
    • Become a lumberjack, firefighter, or serial killer.
  • French Knife
    • For when you're hungry for the brutal deaths of people.
  • Nightstick
    • Beat some sense into your enemies.
  • Baseball Bat
  • Insert obligatory "Batter up!", or any other pun of the same terrible caliber here*
  • Pipe
    • Blunt has never been better defined.
  • Machete
    • No true African militant doesn't own one.
  • Shovel
    • Can also be used to dig your victim's grave.
  • Switchblade
    • Made popular by Italians and greasers. All the fight cheaters carry them.
  • Butterfly Knife
    • Doing cool tricks with it makes it 50% more lethal, and stabbing people in the back with it makes it 200% more referency.
  • Bowie Knife
    • Straight off an M16 bayonet.

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