The list of all MCP ranks are below from lowest to highest. At least one minor robot or human MCP soldier appears with any of these ranks. Below each rank is the symbol used by that rank.

Enlisted Ranks

  • Private
    • Single downward chevron
  • Corporal
    • Double downward chevrons
  • Ranger
    • Double downward chevrons with star above
  • Sergeant
    • Triple downward chevrons
  • Staff Sergeant
    • Triple downward chevrons with eagle emblem above
  • Gunnery Sergeant
    • Triple downward chevrons with crossed M16A3 emblem above

Comissioned Officer Ranks

  • Cadet
    • Downward chevron with bar above
  • Lieutenant
    • Single rectangle
  • Captain
    • Double rectangle
  • Major
    • Triple rectangle
  • Colonel
    • Eagle emblem
  • General
    • Single Star
  • Commander (Held only by Brick Harper, Mad Kat, and Rys Tennant.)
    • 5 Stars