Machine pistols are similar to pistols in that they have low range and damage, but have much higher rates of fire, some of which are comparable to submachine guns.

In Chat

Class description: If you want to pepper the living shit out of your opponent, a machine pistol is for you. (Note from legal: Don't sue us if you find yourself unable to graze the side of a barn at a range of over 50 meters.)

The following machine pistols appear in the game:

  • TEC-9 (MCP)
    • Featuring a shoulder thing that goes up!
  • Glock 18 (FSF)
    • Glock 17 pattern automatic pistol with a larger magazine, but that isn't saying much when the rate of fire is 1200 rounds per minute.
  • MAC-10
    • This legendary gun ruled 1980s Miami in the hands of both undercover cops and Colombian and Cuban gangsters.
  • Beretta 93R (MCHiPs)
    • A three round burst version of the legendary Beretta 92 with a handle under the frame for better control over its recoil. Also has a cool blued finish.
  • Micro Uzi
    • An even smaller version of the Mini Uzi for all around shady people.
  • Colt SCAMP (Harper) (MCP Contractors)
    • An experimental automatic pistol developed by Colt. Only one original was made. Thank God for MCP Refining and Resale.
  • Skorpion
    • This tiny Czech gun is the Uzi of the Communist Bloc: Concealable, great rate of fire, and terrible range.
  • Mauser Schnellfeuer (VSTF Classic)
    • An automatic version of the C96 with a removable magazine and a stock that attaches to the grip. But we all know stocks are for pussies. That said, the stock doubled as a carry case, which is kind of cool.

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