Machine guns offer great damage and good range with a very large magazine size. But they do have high kick and a usually average rate of fire.

In Chat

Class description: Machine guns will rip you apart if you get too close. Just ask the men who stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day. Oh, too soon? Too fuckin bad. We have our freedom of speech. Besides, it happened 71 years ago. I'm sure some D-Day veterans are LOLing at this right now.

The following machine guns appear in Chat:

  • MK46 Para
    • Compact machine gun with a collapsable scock for people like paratroopers who need a big punch in a small-ish package.
  • M240
    • Standard issue machine gun for quite a few armies. Also good for shooting up airports.
  • RPD (VSTF)
    • This old school Soviet machine gun still gets the job done.
  • M60 (MCP)
    • Like the M16, when this gun was first introduced, it was susceptible to mud, dirt, sand, its own inner workings, the whole nine yards. They fixed it soon enough, and now it's known as one of the fiercest machine guns out there.
  • Browning Automatic Rifle (VSTF Classic)
    • The BAR was designed to be used as a personal defense weapon in the trenches of WWI. It ultimately failed, but became one of the machine guns used in WWII by the US.
  • L86
    • A cool looking bulpup British magazine fed machine gun. A favorite of the IDF.
  • MG42 (VSTF Classic)
    • Formerly used by Nazi Germany and Wikia, this gun was nicknamed Hitler's Buzzsaw for its insane fire rate of 1200 rounds per minute; a record that wouldn't be topped by the minigun design 21 years later.
  • Ultimax 100 (Harper)
    • A compact LMG with a drum magazine, foregrip, folding stock, and it hails from... Wait, Singapore? Where is that, exactly? *Looks at a map* This gun is bigger than that tiny little baby country! But, I digress. This is a good gun. Use it.

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