The MCP Special Protection Forces, commonly known by people, as well as the MCP, as the Sentinels. Their sole objective is to protect the three main heads of the MCP: CEO and Commander Brick Harper, Colonel Mad Kat, and Colonel Rys Tennant.


The Sentinels are only robots. No humans are allowed to serve in the SPF because Brick worries that with so many enemies, it would not be impossible for someone determined to kill him or one of his friends with a job that works so closely with him.

They are not built on the standard T1 Platform. Instead, Brick, using captured InnovationTech plans and blueprints, designed his own supersoldier robot, and called it the T2 Platform.

They have the ability to fly using small jets in their feet, which makes them able to easily scale and watch from atop buildings. They also have the ability to control other machines with their CPUs: Computers, IT electro cannons and ion ray beams, cars, planes, and more.

Sentinels stand at 8 feet tall (2.4 meters). They weigh over 4000 pounds. Their head, containing all AI equipment alone, weighs over 200 pounds. As such, they require special vehicles to be transported in, as regular, stock vehicles's suspension would be crushed by the immense weight of just one Sentinel, not to mention they would not have enough room.

Sentinels look similar to the robots of the standard T1 Platform. They have an enlarged dark blue Stahlhelm with orange goggles over them. However, their eyes and mouth are red instead of light blue. This is to appear more menacing, and also for identification purposes.



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