The Main Chat Patrol Contractors, more commonly known as the MCP Contractors, are the special division of the Main Chat Patrol designed for building military locations such as outposts, trenches, bunkers, bases, and the Main Chat Patrol Executive Building. They always carry a S&W 659 or Colt SCAMP in their holster for self defense, as their main goal is to build things, not participate in combat. Head Contractors will carry either a .44 Magnum or Python.


While based on the T1 series of robots used by the MCP in main service, they differ only by appearance and goal.

Instead of the usual dark blue bolted on Stahlhelm and orange goggles combo, the Contractors wear welded on aviators with highly reflective silver lenses and bolted on chrome hardhats. The new look is completely just for show, as the faux hardhats are made out of the same metal as the faux Stahlhelms, and is only for identification purposes.

Head Contractors will wear a light blue hardhat and aviators with the MCP Contractors logo on the shoulders. (Black circle with a gray wrench)


MCP Contractors' vehicles are not equipped with sirens (Sometimes amber lights), and are not designed for chasing criminals, only building things.

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