The MCHiPs (Main Chat Highway Patrol Officers) are the highway/rural administrative branch of the Main Chat Patrol. Their job is to regulate less busy areas of the Internet such as the long and many barren desert and tundra stretches of the Internetional Super Highway.


After the completion of the Internetional Superhighway, Brick Harper decided it needed some form of law enforcement. Realizing the central branch of the MCP was not appropriate, due to overkill in cost and equipment, as well as a more militarized attitude in nature. Therefore, the MCHiPs was founded as a solution.

The MCHiPs are not as well armed or equipped as the MCP, but most of the time this is not a problem. The people who the MCHiPs are stopping are usually not the ones who would pose much of a threat anyway.


MCHiPs vehicles are typically fast and not built for transporting more than two people. Their main cargo is usually just a M1887 shotgun.

  • Harley-Davidson Electra Glide
  • Ford Falcon XB
  • Chevy Camaro (1970)


  • Python
  • M1887
  • 93R
  • Double Barrel Shotgun


The MCHiPs uniform is the same as the normal MCP uniform except with tall black motorcycle boots and a police motorcycle helmet painted dark blue on the front and khaki on the rear with an orange tinted sun visor that covers only the eyes and the top half of the nose, to mimic the blue Stahlhelm-orange goggles look of the standard MCP helmet with better safety in a crash.

Human MCHiPs always wear helmets on bikes, but may or may not when in cars.


  • The name is a reference to the police drama show CHiPs which aired in the 1970s about two highway patrol officers in the Los Angeles area. The color of the helmets is also similar, albeit with a darker shade of blue and khaki instead of gold.
  • The Falcon XB used by the MCHiPs is only differentiated from the ones from the first Mad Max by the letters "MCP" instead of "MFP". The MCP is also obviously a reference to Mad Max.

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