During the loading screen, several different gameplay tips will be shown. They can be anything from how to zoom in a sniper's scope to how to properly use emergency vehicles.


A list of all the tips are as follows. They are selected at random to appear on the screen.

  • When racing, slow down before a turn, and accelerate through it.
  • If using a sniper rifle with a variable zoom scope, use the right stick/scroll wheel to zoom in or out.
  • When using sirens on an emergency vehicle, stay towards the center of the road. Cars will slow down and pull over to the right, which could cause an accident if you get too close.
  • You aren't indestructible. Remember to take cover.
  • Remember to reload after every gunfight.
  • Guns can typically punch through thin cover such as sheet metal, a windscreen, or plywood.
  • There is a fine line between not being a team player and opting to support your team from a distance. Being on a certain side will either make your team or break it.
  • Don't use snipers as close quarter weapons. You can't quickscope in this game.
  • Tanks take a while to reload, so try not to miss when being ambushed.
  • Often times, knowing the map by heart will give you a real advantage.
  • It takes a while to get used to one weapon after using another. Don't immediately throw down the controller and say the gun sucks. You don't use shotguns as you do assault rifles.
  • Grenades are surprisingly effective.
  • Unlike in cars, you can use shotguns on bikes.
  • If you prefer being a lone gun, then don't play objective game modes. You will only cause your team to lose.
  • Assault rifles can be deadly at longer ranges using short bursts of fire when sniper rifles aren't an option.
  • Supressors reduce both noise and range. Is it a compromise you're willing to take?
  • Play to a weapon's strength with attachments or fix its weaknesses. Your choice.
  • No gun is the perfect gun. Find the one you're best with.
  • Shotguns can explode limbs, but are about as deadly as a BB gun at range.
  • Sometimes the ugliest weapons can be the best, and the most beautiful ones can be the worst.
  • Cars offer capacity, helicopters offer versatility, planes offer speed, but boats are pretty much just for fun.
  • Unlike in real life, it's easy and probably a good idea to race a train to the crossing.
  • Sometimes the people who look the n00biest are better than you.
  • Get someone in the position for an unfair fight. If they have a shotgun and you have an assault rifle, take them out from out of their range.
  • If you find yourself dying over and over again, a buff awaits you after 5 consecutive deaths that gives you more damage and more health. After you kill someone, though, your perk is removed.