Listed here are the armored vehicles of Chat, including tanks, APCs, armored fighting vehicles, and mechs.


Tracked armored vehicles with thick armor and big guns. Slow, but very strong.

  • Tiger I* (MCP)
    • The most feared tank in Hitler's arsenal.
  • M4 Sherman* (MCP)
    • Strength in numbers.
  • Leclerc DNG* (VSTF) (IDF)
    • The crane might be useful for things like towing stuck tanks, or just looking cool.
  • Leclerc DNG "Shredder"* (IDF) (MCP)
    • This is fucking brutal.
  • M1117* (IDF)
    • Who says wheeled vehicles aren't suited for military applications?
  • T55* (VSTF)
    • Totally not an M48 Patton ripoff.
  • M1 Abrams* (IDF)
    • If you wear a helmet, you love it. If you wear a bomb, you hate it.
  • M113* (IDF)
    • Nam is calling.


Faster than tanks, but with lighter armor and weapons, if any.

  • Daimler-Ferret Scout Car* (MCP SPF)
    • Is it just me, or is there a robot who's named himself on the bumper?
  • Stryker* (MCP) (VSTF) (IDF)
    • Strike hard, strike fast, and strike deep.
  • M2 Bradley* (IDF) (IT)
    • The company that makes it is called BAE. Lel.


Also known as mecha or walkers, these are walking armored beasts that can either be used for civilian or military applications.

  • IT Construction Walker* (MCP Contractors)
    • A very large and very strong walker with a scoop on one arm and a claw in the other. These may seem useless in a fight, but as the 2nd strongest mech in the game and with the ability to smash things with either arm, you'd be mistaken.
  • IT Combat Mech* (IT) (VSTF)
    • A medium sized mech equipped with a minigun and a six barreled grenade launcher designed to fit the same role as tanks.
  • IT Scout Mech* (IT)
    • A small and lightly armored but fast mech equipped with twin .50 caliber Browning machine guns and a single barreled grenade launcher.
  • IT Stomper* (IT)
    • Standing at just over 50 feet and weighing in at 453 metric tons, this is one of the largest vehicles ever built. It's designed to defend large areas from attack with its many weapons: Two rocket launchers, two six barreled grenade launchers, and one 20mm autocannon. You need to climb two ladders just to get in it.

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