Kommunist Klassics 199.1 is the state radio station of Wikia in Chat. It plays Russian pop and rock music. The host, known as DJ Restokei, feeds Wikian propaganda to the listener in between songs.

Song List

  • Schweine - Glukoza
  • Provance - Elka
  • The Sign of Aquarius - Vintage
  • Nikogo ne Zhalko - Leningrad
  • Putin Lights Up the Fires - Pussy Riot
  • Gruppa Kino - Krovi
  • Djei Uljerloska - Njei Mekrasko


  • The channel's frequency, 199.1, (1991) is the year the Soviet Union fell.
  • The use of Ks instead of Cs in the name is a mock of Cryllic spelling, as the letter C in that language would make the same sound as the S in English and other romance languages.

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