The ion cannon is an extremely advanced and destructive weapon invented by InnovationTech in 71 SIT, just one year after the outbreak of the War on Wikia.

How it Works

The ion cannon uses highly ionized francium atoms in a large chamber called the bonding chamber. The naturally unstable atoms form ionic bonds with naturally stable iron atoms. When the francium atom binds with the iron atom, the two are forced through into another chamber, called the engergy chamber, by a fan generating winds of 200 miles per hour which is powered by a large battery just behind the bonding chamber.

Inside the energy chamber, approximately 7*10^27 of bonded atoms (Approximately the amount of atoms in the human body) are compressed until there is no more room inside the chamber. Once all the atoms are compressed, they are forced out through the end of the barrel of the cannon by a piston going 150 miles per hour.

The result is a highly destructive beam of charged atoms with a range of over 5 miles. The beam is purple in color, and will destroy almost any common material including concrete, glass, metals including steel and titanium, human bone, flesh, and muscle. However, it cannot go through water due to the fact that the electrons in the water molecules bond with the already bonded atoms from the cannon, which immediately removes all destructive potential.

In Chat

The cannon is only found in the Nissan NV Ion Cannon and the AM General Humvee Ion Cannon.

In the van, to use the cannon, the player must go to the back doors of the van and press the same button/key that is used to enter any vehicle to drive it. Your character will open the doors and get into the seat for the cannon. The roof of the van will fold out, and the cannon, along with your character on the seat, will elevate, giving you a clear view of your target.

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