The Internetional Super Highway, often abbreviated to ISH, is the highway running around and through the United Internet Alliance area. It is over 200 miles long and crosses through remote territories as well as populated areas.


After all smaller highways were bulldozed, plans for a super highway stretching over 200 miles with no regulated speed limit for vehicles began to fall into place. The highway was first planned in 54 SIT completed 11 years later in 65 SIT.

Speed Limit

At its launch, the speed limit was 75 miles per hour, but United Highway Patrol officers typically didn't issue tickets unless the vehicle was traveling at 85 miles per hour or more.

Note that the UHP was the main law enforcement of the ISH before the MCP became the de facto local law enforcement in the UIA, which in turn was left to other areas while the MCHiPs took juristiction of the ISH upon its creation.

The speed limit was soon raised to 85 MPH after complaints that commutes from across the UIA took too long. In 67 SIT, the speed limit was abolished, although there is a suggested speed limit of 95 MPH.

Unique Rules

In order to maintain safety on such a high speed road, there are several unique rules in place not present on any other UIA roads:

  • No passing on the right. (Drivers must be able to see, in their mirror, the traffic behind them.)
  • Drivers wishing to go different speeds must go in different lanes
    • <90 MPH: Right lane
    • <100 MPH: Second from right lane
    • <120 MPH: Second from left lane
    • 120+: Left lane
  • There is a 40 MPH speed limit on exit and entrance ramps and 75 MPH speed limit on interchanges.
  • Always check mirrors twice before switching to lanes on either side.
  • When changing lanes to the right, slow down to somewhat in between the speed limit on that lane and the speed limit in the other lane. Finish slowing down when completely inside your desired lane. Adjust rate of deceleration based on the distance of the cars in front of and behind you.
  • Always use your blinkers. (Minimum fine for failiure to indicate is 500 SIC.)
  • When you hear an emergency vehicle approaching with its sirens on, do not pull over. The driver is trained to navigate on the shoulder and/or between lanes. Keep driving at normal speed as if nothing were out of the ordinary.