The InnovationTech Construction Walker, commonly known as the IT Construction Walker or simply Construction Walker, is one of four mechs in the game. Although designed for the construction of military structures like bunkers or outposts (Therefore lacking weapons), it can easily plow through most things on its own power alone, and can also use its scoop and claw as smashing machines.


  • Style: Utility mech
  • Engine: 875HP electric generator
  • Transmission: Turbo-electric transmission
  • Year: 70 SIT
  • Top Speed: 20 MPH
  • Country of Origin: United Internet Alliance
  • Users: MCP


As a legged vehicle, it will inherently move slower due to its design, and its design as a utility mech only further hinders its speed. The Construction Walker isn't as slow as the Stomper, although it is the 2nd slowest in the Mech category.

Its true strength lies in its durability. Again 2nd only to the Stomper, it can withstand several direct impact explosions (e.g. grenade launcher grenades or rockets) before exploding. The amount of small arms fire it can take is comparable to that of the tanks.

Another strength is in its power in offensive attacks. While lacking guns or grenade launchers, it can use its arms to destroy other lightly or non armored vehicles, and it can also instantly kill enemies by crushing them by stepping on them or smashing them with the claw or scoop.


  • It is the only IT vehicle to be used by the MCP or any of its divisions.