The Gatling Gun is a special weapon in Chat. It has the most damage of any bullet weapon in the game; able to gib enemies in just one shot anywhere to the body. It is only used by Sentinels, as it is a large weapon and was originally mounted on wheels similar to that of a cannon in the American Civil War. However, it can be handheld by any of the three protagonists.

The Gatling Gun was invented in the 1860s as to reduce the size of armies, and thus the number of deaths in war. It is not considered the first machine gun, because it requires the constant rotation of the crank handle on the side of the weapon to fire.

It was not used by the Union Army in the Civil War, but a few generals bought some out of their own pockets. However, they thought that since it had wheels on it, it was considered artillery and was not utilized much in combat.

In Game

Description: Just like in the 1860s, it's the gray vs. blue in the War on Wikia. It's the perfect excuse to use this limb tearing beast of a weapon. It may be old, but it sure is fun.

Stats (Out of 10):

  • Damage: 10/10
  • Range: 9/10
  • Rate of fire: 6.5/10
  • Magazine size: 10/10 (500 rounds)
  • Accuracy: 9/10
  • Reload speed: 10/10


  • To buy: 45000 SIC
  • x500 rounds: 3500 SIC


  • The Gatling Gun in game is able to be held by hand due to a foregrip on the bottom for the left hand and a rest that goes inside the armpit, leaving the right hand to turn the crank. However, this only adds more weight to the already heavy 60 pound gun.

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