Freedom City is a Main Chat Patrol owned location in the Commercial District of the map in Chat. It is a large area where the AI is very different because of the non uniform laws there compared to the rest of the UIA.

According to UIA leaders, Freedom City is a "special sovereign area". This means that the MCP owns it as a company town, but that it also has the right to form its own laws with its own central government.

Changed Laws

  • Firearms designed/produced before 1 Jan, 1900 (Including working modern replicas) are now legal to own by anyone 17 or older with a parent or guardian's permission. Rifles and shotguns are legal to own by anyone 18 or older, as well as being able to open/conceal carry a weapon without a license. Handguns can be bought by someone 21 or older. Automatics of any type can be owned by someone 25 or older without any special taxes or restrictions.
  • All permanent citizens must enlist in the MCP (They do not have to serve, they just have to fill out the papers and get either approved or denied) or must have served in the MCP with an honorable discharge. However, tourists are allowed to get a hotel room for 2 weeks at most.
  • There is no income tax collected, even though the MCP has the right to collect taxes. When asked in a press conference about it, he said, "We have enough money anyways. The last thing I want is to burden a soldier who has seen too much with taxing."
  • MCP soldiers who have served one tour of duty or more and were honorably discharged would recieve free housing.