The 1974 Ford Falcon XB Sedan, known in game simply as the Ford Falcon XB, is an Australian performance oriented sedan mainly used by the MCHiPs.


Acceleration and speed are that of a muscle car. Despite its four door design, the Falcon XB is a surprisingly fast car, and is the third fastest sedan in the game behind the Dodge Charger and the BMW 328i.

Braking is average, due to the car's slightly above average weight, and its potential top speed.

Handling is average as well. The car is a full size sedan, so the wheels are far apart and thus it is best to slow down quite a bit before taking hard corners, especially when at speed.

Unique Modifications

  • Inside headlight delete (Default on MCHiPs variants)
  • Grille delete (Default on MCHiPs variants)
  • Landau roof (Tan)
  • Landau roof (White)
  • Landau roof (Black)


Instead of ID numbers, MCHiPs Falcon XBs will spawn with three lines of randomly generated text: The name of the driver, the name of the partner, and the nickname of the car. This is also a reference to Mad Max, where the names of the cars were printed on the sides, most notably "The March Hare" for Scarse and Scuttle, and "The Big Bopper" for Roop and Charlie.

Driver Names

  • Montagro
  • Pullman
  • Turbine
  • Leyland
  • Royce
  • Bristol

Partner Names

  • Buckshot
  • Prince
  • Johnny
  • Deutch
  • Booster

Car Names

  • Silver Streak
  • Gray Goose
  • Sunraysia Spiff
  • Uberkraft
  • Pacific Princess

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