The Colt SCAMP is a machine pistol in Chat. It is used by MCP Contractors and can be sometimes seen in one of Brick's holsters in cutscenes.

In real life, the Colt SCAMP (Small CAliber Machine Pistol) was designed in 1969 and produced in 1971 as a replacement for the military's current standard issue pistol, the M1911 semi auto pistol. A new round for it was designed, after no other existing calibers were found appropriate. It was based on the .221 Remington Fireball round and was called the .22 SCAMP.

Despite those who fired it favoring the pistol, the military decided it was not ready to replace the M1911, and thus, only one prototype of the SCAMP exists.

In Game

Description: This extremely rare weapon packs high power for a pistol with a high fire rate.

Stats (Out of 10):

  • Damage: 7.5/10
  • Range: 4/10
  • Rate of fire: 8/10
  • Accuracy: 6/10
  • Magazine size: 6/10 (30 rounds)
  • Reload Speed: 9/10


  • To buy: 2000 SIC
  • x30 rounds: 10 SIC


  • To add more flavor to the SCAMP's look, it comes equipped with custom brown plastic grips and picatinny rails along the top, bottom, and sides of the frame.
  • The fact that only one SCAMP exists in real life can be regarded as irrelevant with the fact that the MCP is under license from many manufacterurers to produce its own exact copies of their weapons.

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