The characters in Chat all have different stats that make them suitable for one style of gameplay, while another style of gameplay is left to another character. For example, Mad relies on direct combat and strength, and leaves marksmanship and speed to Rys, who in turn leaves driving vehicles and frequent reloading to Brick.

Mad Kat

  • Inscreased health by 50% (100 to 150)
  • Inscreased all damage dealt by 5%
  • Sprint speed reduced by 10%
  • Reload speed reduced by 10%

Brick Harper

  • Increased reload speed by 20%
  • Increased vehicle top speed and acceleration by 15%
  • Sprint speed reduced by 5%
  • Reduced hipfire accuracy by 5%
  • (Health stays at 100)

Rys Tennant

  • Increased sprint speed by 10%
  • Increased hipfire accuracy by 15%
  • Increased ADS accuracy by 30%
  • Reduced health by 10% (100 to 90)
  • Reduced reload speed by 5%


  • Increased health by 400% (100 to 500)
  • Increased all damage dealt by 25%
  • Sprint speed reduced by 10%
  • Reload speed reduced by 20%
  • Accuracy with small guns (Guns that are not machine guns, specials, or the Barrett M82) reduced by 60%
  • Ability to fly for a limited time (10 seconds on 0% rocket heat. Rockets cool down over time.)
    • When you reach a flying time of 10 minutes, you can buy an upgrade to reduce the amount of heat gained through flight by 50%. When you reach a flying time of 30 minutes, you can buy an upgrade to remove all heat gained through flight.
  • Ability to remotely control any drivable vehicle
    • When you kill 50 enemies with a commandeered vehicle, you can buy an upgrade to increase the range at which you can find vehicles to commandeer.

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