Carbines combine assault rifle damage (And recoil) with submachine gun rate of fire and compactness. They are a good blend of medium and short range.

In Chat

Class description: Carbines are just rifles with a shorter barrel than normal rifles. How short does said barrel have to be to classify it as a carbine? Nobody knows. Just make sure not to accidentally call what most people recognize as a carbine a rifle, or you'll be hung.

The following carbines appear in-game:

  • AKS74U (MCP)
    • Insanely cool looking AK type carbine used by the Spetznaz (Soviet Special Forces). Meanwhile, the KGB was stuck with handguns. Now you know why the Soviet Union really fell.
    • Is the SCAR-L not light enough? How about a PDW?
  • M4 Carbine (NRNS)
    • Standard issue for many militaries and bank robbers.
  • SIG 552 (IDF)
    • Although the Swiss have remained neutral since time started, they do make powerful rifles in case anyone tries to change that.
  • HK416
    • Based on the M4 platform, made by the Germans. Think of it as a Camaro with a Mercedes hood ornament with a huge price increase because of it.
  • Henry Mare's Leg
    • A modern interpretation of the western legend the Mare's Leg, a sawed off lever action rifle.
  • Anchorage Combat Carbine (IDF Classic)
    • An automatic carbine used by some UIA units back in the 30s SIT.
  • Anchorage Assault Carbine (IDF Classic)
    • A Lewis Gun-based design with an adjustable stock, shortened barrel, a side magazine, and chambering for the 5.56 round.
  • M1 Carbine (IDF Classic)
    • Designed for what PDWs of today are for (That is, being used by soldiers not on the front lines but needing power in a smaller package), it's a legend even when compared to the king of WWII rifles, the Garand.
  • Olympic Arms K23B
    • An M4 with a stub barrel that reduces range, but brings close range effectiveness to that of an SMG.

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