Camouflage is a game mechanic that allows the player to change the visual appearance of any weapon. All camouflages cost 100 SIC in the store, except gold, which costs 300.


The following camouflage patterns appear in Chat:

  • Chrome: Gives the weapon a shiny chrome finish.
  • Black: Gives the weapon a pitch black finish. (Only available for weapons with wooden, non black, or gunmetal parts.)
  • Gold: Gives the weapon a shiny gold finish with smooth custom ivory furniture.
  • Gentleman: Gives the weapon a dark gray finish with ivory furniture. (Only available for pistols, machine pistols, and revolvers.)
  • Engraved: Gives the weapon a nickel finish with intricate engravings on the receiver, magazine well, and barrel.
  • Pearl: Gives the weapon pearl grips. (Only available for pistols, machine pistols, and revolvers.)
  • Wooden furniture: Changes the furniture to wood. (Only available for weapons without wood furniture)
  • MCP: Gives the weapon a matte gray finish with black furniture, and a black star somewhere on the receiver.
  • IDF: Gives the weapon an olive drab finish with yellow furniture and a gold IDF star somewhere on the receiver.
  • IT: Gives the weapon a metallic dark gray finish with ornate orange line patterns.
  • VSTF: Dark blue, white, black, and light blue EDRL style camouflage.
  • NOGI: Dark blue finish with black furniture.
  • Brick: Matte turquiouse finish with black accents.
  • Rys: Metallic green finish with black furniture.
  • Mad: Red, dark red, and black Splinter style camouflage.
  • Unicorn: Matte pink finish with turqiouse and white accents with gold accents.
  • Winter: White, light gray, and black EDRL style camouflage.
  • Modern: Tan, brown, and black digital camouflage.
  • Rhea: Worn navy blue finish with white furniture and black sights.
  • ASER: White camo with black accents and an ASER logo somewhere on the receiver.
  • Well Worn: Adds scratches, small dings, and dirt to the outside of the gun.