The CIB, or Central Investigation Bureau, is the intelligence gathering service of the UIA. During the War on Wikia, it played a vital role in gathering intelligence on Wikian affairs, both relating to secret operations and conditions inside the Wikian government.


After the UIA was formed, the CIB was immediately conceived. From its beginning, the CIB had large amounts of agents inside Wikia on extended periods of time, sometimes up to 3 years.

Agents that were discovered as working for the CIB were are rumored to have been brutally tortured so bad that they required serial numbers to be tattooed onto their arms. Some of the methods leaked have been skinning alive, emasculation, hanging until near death, having entrails removed while alive, among others. However, the UIA could not find enough evidence to support a claim of an agent's death caused by Wikia to please the public. Even so, only around 5% of the agents were discovered by Wikia.

One of the many agents working for the CIB was an agent only going by the name Mr. Stratoska, who infiltrated the NOGI as a double agent. Those not high ranking CIB officials, such as Brick Harper, had little to no contact with him, as he was the most successful CIB double agent in history.


  • The name "CIB" is a parody of the CIA and FBI, although the CIB performs duties more similar to the CIA in real life, whereas the equivalent of the FBI is the FIA.

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