Boats are vehicles designed for faster transport over bodies of water than swimming. Although they are often overlooked in many games, boats can be very important for fast transport across areas when an aircraft is not available.

  • MCP: Owned by the MCP. Painted in gray with a black ID number stenciled on the hull next to a black eagle emblem.
  • IDF: Owned by the IDF. Painted in olive drab with a gold star on the bow and stern.
  • IT: Owned by IT. Painted in metallic dark gray with intricate pulsing orange lines on the hull.
  • VSTF: Owned by the VSTF. Painted in dark blue with a white ID number stenciled on the hull and tail. White star on the bow and stern.
  • VSTF Police: Owned by the VSTF State Police. Painted in dark blue with a modern lightbar on the roof and a VSTF State Police logo on the hull and stern.
  • UIACG: Owned by the UIA Coast Guard. Painted in white and a diagonal blue and red stripe along the hull with a UIACG logo on the side of the hull on the stripe.

Note: Unarmed planes can spawn without livery.


  • Hacker-Craft Runabout
    • This is the same kind of boat that was sadly chopped up by a ship's propeller in Venice.
  • AB Navigo 10 VS (UIACG)
    • A compact inflateable for just a few people.
  • Wellcraft Scarab
    • A huge powerboat with a huge wing for the vice cop with a huge ego.
  • Benetau Sense 50'
    • 50 feet of satisfaction of owning an expensive luxury sailboat.
  • Bayliner 175
    • It's no wonder this cheap, sporty bowrider has been the best selling fiberglass boat for 10 years.
  • Qwest LS
    • This pontoon boat may look more like a barge, but it's perfect for just relaxing on the water, sort of like a deck that's seperate from a house.
  • Sea-Doo GTR-215
    • A high performance personal watercraft for any weekend warrior.
  • Campion 650 iBR (VSTF Police) (MCP)
    • A speedy cabin cruiser that will meet the needs of the casual boater.
  • Damen Pushbuster 3009 (MCP)
    • A tugboat that is designed for utility, not speed.
  • Damen ASD Tug 3213 (IDF)
    • This super powerful tug may be able to push the biggest ocean liner out there, but that doesn't translate to race winner.
  • Titan Raptor (VSTF) (MCP) (IDF) (IT) (UIACG)
    • A military oriented RHIB any navy ought to have.
  • Austal Cape Class (VSTF) (IDF) (IT) (UIACG)
    • A huge patrol boat that can be operated by just one person, apparently.


  • Titan Raptor with Turret (IDF) (MCP) (VSTF) (IT)
    • With twin .50 caliber machine guns, just in case.
  • River Patrol Boat
    • Equipped with a mounted M60 on the bow and two napalm launchers on the sides. With this it's anyone's guess why we lost the Vietnam War.