Auto theft is a major game mechanic in Chat. It allows the player to take any car or bike in the game for their own use and comes in handy when escaping from a wanted level and/or getting somewhere quickly.


  • Hotwiring
    • Hotwiring is the slowest method of stealing a car. To hotwire, a car must be parked. When the button/key used to enter vehicles is pressed near a parked car, the player will take out a nightstick and break the glass (2.5 seconds) Once the glass is broken, the player will hotwire the car (3 seconds). The entire process takes 5.5 seconds. If the car is a convertible, the player will simply jump over the door into the driver's seat, which takes only 1 second.
  • Carjacking
    • Carjacking is the fastest method of stealing a car. To carjack, the car must be occupied. When the button/key to enter vehicles is pressed near the car, the player will open the door and throw the driver out while saying something about needing it. The animation takes just 3 seconds.
  • Standardized Entry System (SAS)
    • The SAS is a special key unlocked after the game is finished. According to Rys, it was developed by IT and takes the shape of a key with 10 humps, all the same size. When inserted into any lock with 10 tumblers or less, the humps will grab onto the tumblers and pull them down towards the key. When the "sweet spot" is found for all the tumblers, the door will unlock. The animation takes 2 seconds.

Commandeering Phrases

The following is a list of phrases shouted by the player to the driver when carjacking an NPC.

  • "Get out, I need it!"
  • "Main Chat Patrol, this is an emergency!"
  • "Mind if I borrow this?"
  • "For a greater good!"
  • "If you don't have it, consider getting insurance next time!"
  • "Sorry, mine's in the shop!"
  • "MCP, get out of the vehicle!"
  • "Don't make me put you in the trunk!"
  • "Save up for next year's model!"