Assault rifles are all around good weapons for beginners or experts. They offer decent power with good range, but kick is usually heavy and rate of fire is usually slightly below to slightly above average.

In Chat

Class description: Assault rifles were invented by the Germans during WWII as a last ditch effort. We don't exactly recommend using assault rifles as a backup weapon here, so don't listen to the Nazis. Also don't attack the USSR in the east and the UK and US in the west at the same time. Also don't kill 6 million Jews. Basically, only use weapons the Nazis invented, because those are badass.

The following assault rifles appear in chat:

  • M16A3 (MCP standard issue)
    • Fully automatic version of the M16A2. As it should be.
  • AK74 (VSTF standard issue)
    • Made with pride in the U of SSR.
  • SCAR-H
    • Heavy 7.62 caliber rifle. Long range and great stopping power, but as the name implies, not very light.
  • G36 (IDF standard issue)
    • A German assault rifle with cool green furniture.
  • G36C (Tennant)
    • Shorter version of the G36, but just as cool... And expensive.
  • AK12 (IT standard issue)
    • Cool ultra modern AK pattern rifle. Still being tested by the VSTF, but IT mercenaries have been quick to adopt it.
  • AR18
    • It may not be a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range, but it does the job, especially with no stock.
  • MP44 (VSTF Classic)
    • Although the first assault rifle (This gun) was technically called the StG44 or Sturmgewehr after Hitler said he liked it, we found "MP44", although not sounding as cool, was easier to say.
  • Calico M100
    • A strange helical magazine design for 100 .22 caliber rounds coming out of the muzzle at 650 rounds per minute thanks to an illegally modified firing pin.
  • Prototype Rail Delivery System 50 (PRDS-50)
    • An advanced prototype railgun developed by InnovationTech with only one working example in existence. It delivers armor piercing tungsten rails in a single shot firing mode.
  • Ruger Ranch Rifle
    • For protecting your land. The land of the UIA, that is!
  • FN FAL (LMBW standard issue)
    • The right arm of the free world.
  • M14
    • This is my rifle. There aren't many like it nowadays, but this one is mine. Without me, it and its outdated wood furniture is useless. Without it, I as a soldier of a third world country who still uses 50 year old battle rifles am useless.

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