High quality guns, rare ammo, and more, only from the Anchorage Arms Company!
— Anchorage Arms Company radio commercial

Anchorage Arms Company, commonly known simply as Anchorage, is a fictional firearms manufacturing company in Chat. They produce the Marksman sniper rifle, the 99 handgun, the RCS shotgun, and the Beatnik hunting rifle. Their firearms can only be bought at their stores, but some types of older ammunition such as that of the Gatling Gun or Colt 1851 Navy must be purchased there.


  • Marksman
  • 99
  • RCS
  • Combat Carbine
  • Assault Carbine


  • Nearly every aspect of the company is based on the Fallout series.
    • The name comes from Anchorage, Alaska, which was where the US and China fought for the last oil reserve before the Great War.
    • Its products are also based on guns from the Fallout series.

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