Achievements are special accolades gained through various unlisted challenges while playing. They often show a player's skill or level, but can sometimes (As in Chat) be used for humorous intent, either because you'd have to try not to get the achievement, because it makes fun of the player's skill, or both.

Achievement List

  • Killing
    • First of Many (Kill one person)
    • Expendable (Kill a civilian)
    • Filthy Commie! (Kill a Wikian soldier)
    • Bullets > Lasers (Kill an IT mercenary)
    • I'm Shooting Here! (Kill an MCP soldier)
    • Whoops (Kill an IDF soldier)
    • Blue to Red (Kill 100 Wikian soldiers)
    • Call to Death (Kill 1000 Wikian soldiers)
    • Pardoned (Kill 100 IDF soldiers)
    • Wrong Neighborhood (Kill 250 gang members)
    • Greater Good (Kill 2000 civilians)
  • Weapons
    • 2nd Amendment (Buy every weapon)
    • Gun Crazy (Get 50 kills with every weapon)
    • Tacticool (Buy a suppressor for 10 guns)
    • Downrange (Buy a scope or sight for 10 guns)
    • (Almost) Bottomless (Buy an extended or drum mag for 20 guns)
    • Not Your Grandpa's Old Rifle (Buy every attachment for every gun)
    • .30 Caliber Magazine Clip (Buy an extended mag for the M4 Carbine and M16A3)
    • Brick's Favorite I (Buy the M16A3)
    • Mad's Favorite I(Buy the P90)
    • Rys's Favorite I (Buy the G36C)
    • Brick's Favorite II (Buy the Desert Eagle)
    • Mad's Favorite II (Buy the SIG P228)
    • Rys's Favorite II (Buy the FN Five-seveN)
    • Rhea's Favorite (Buy the Luger)
    • Katana's Favorite (Buy the Walther P38)
    • Rappy's Favorite (Buy the FN Hi-Power)
    • Mjrlao's Favorite (Buy the Colt 1851 Navy)
    • Old School Cool (Buy the Astra 400, Mauser C96, Colt Single Action Army Cavalry, MG42, and BAR)
    • Like a Cheetah and a Kitten (Dual wield a machine gun and a pistol and get 10 kills)
  • Driving
    • Car Enthusiast (Drive 20 different vehicles)
    • Car Fan (Drive 40 different vehicles)
    • I'm Slightly Intrigued by Cars (Drive every car)
    • Reducing Automotive Inflation (Destroy a supercar)
    • Real Men Use Three Pedals (Install a manual transmission in a car)
    • Three on the Tree (Install a column mounted manual transmission in a car)
    • Automatically Better (Install an automatic transmission in a car)
    • Scandanavian Flick (Drift 10 miles)
    • I'm Really Cool (Do a burnout in a front wheel drive car)
    • I'm Actually Cool (Do a burnout in a real wheel drive car)
    • Date Stamp (Buy every car made before 1965)

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