2nd Amendment Amendments is a gun customization store in Chat. It is located in the South Side and allows you to put cosmetic features on your weapons.


  • VSTF
  • MCP
  • IDF
  • IT
  • Brick
  • Rys
  • Mad
  • Taxi
  • Ambulance
  • Flames
  • Wooden (Only available for guns with all metal and/or plastic parts)
  • Blacked Out (Only available for guns with wood parts)
  • Color
    • Primary
    • Secondary
  • Classic
  • Splinter
  • Digital
  • Nickel (Only available for guns without a silver finish)
  • Gold
  • Platinum


  • Magpul (Only available for carbines and assault rifles)
  • Shell Holder (Only available for shotguns)
  • Stock Delete (Only available for submachine guns; submachine guns with folding stocks have the stock folded instead of removed)
  • Folding Stock (Only available for assault rifles, carbines, SMGs, and shotguns)
  • Pistol Grip (Only available for shotguns without pistol grips)
  • Barrel Shroud (Only available for machine pistols, SMGs, assault rifles, carbines, shotguns, and machine guns)

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